What drives us

What drives us

Mission & Values

Our mission is to strengthen the third sector

Here at CCBF we always provide honest assistance to those who need our help. Ensuring the end goal is success, and your organisations are well respected for what they do.

We pride ourselves on carrying out quality work, based on our skills and knowledge. We are proud of our work and the inspirational people we helped. We want you to feel the same sense of pride when you think about your organisation. Our ultimate aim is that your beneficiaries feel proud of their impact too.

You have the strength to start, our role is to support your growth and stability. Everything we do is to make sure you exceed your ambitions and make a difference to the lives of others.

CCBF Charity Objectives

To promote the voluntary sector for the benefit of the public by providing advice, support, information and training to voluntary sector organisations’.

The Voluntary Sector’ means charities and voluntary organisations.

  1. Charities are organisations, which are established for exclusively charitable purposes in accordance with the law of England and Wales.
  2. Voluntary organisations are independent organisations, which are established for purposes that add value to the community as a whole, or a significant section of the community, and which are not permitted by their constitution to make a profit for private distribution. Voluntary organisations do not include local government or other statutory authorities

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